Random Encounters

loversShe walked evenly and gracefully. Short skirt revealing legs that bore thinking about sin. Passers-by turned to look. Some of them discreetly, and others spoke what could be described as “dirty words.”
Student wearing a light handbag and think ù flew to the upcoming party with friends from the institute. A cloud came from nowhere, shifted between the sun and the passers-by and around darkened. Suddenly there was the sound of braked. It was like a surreal sadbonosnost with a view to the peaceful course of events on the street. Slowly, so as not to disrupt the dance gait, she turned her head to the left … dark and thick armor limousine came two tall men in suits. While Eliza was looking at his watch, more embarrassment than to know what time it is unknown scraped it in the car. The first mood of the girl screamed and was to resist, but prudence prevailed ù. It clearly realized that this will not help. He felt instinctively that there will be no response if asking questions. Therefore quieted. Decided to sample the victim.
After about ten minutes trip on busy streets where nothing had changed, one of the men said:
– Now we will put a blindfold. You will not hurt if your hostess!
Is Eliza had another opportunity ?? Everything happened so fast that none of the passers-by did not understand that this is a kidnapping.
– Turn off your phone! – Heard a new order.
Pressure on the red button. Melody, confirming the exclusion, sounded like the end of hopes. The victim closed her eyes. So feel better under the blindfold covering his eyes ù.
It took thirty minutes. The car stopped. They led the girl away. Ù heels clattered on the cement echoing corridor. The building was obviously massive, because the corridor was definitely long.
The sound of the door opening. Gently pushed forward.
– You can download the cloth from my eyes!
Elise could not wait to open his eyes, but kept tensions a few seconds to gather courage.
When the eyes greedily ù penetrated the surrounding saw a young man behind a desk in an immaculate suit and tie. Something inside her made her ask questions, but natural ù intelligence suggested that this is meaningless.
– Over there is bathroom. Bathe now.
Sound of whistling from the shower. The soap smelled superb. Warm water stroked nice young body. He stayed in the bathroom as ù wanted and no one prevent this waywardness its small …
Stepped covered only by a towel. Is a woman not to know when you need to get dressed and when not?
– In the closet a hairdryer. And makeup. And everything you need. Prepare now go out to smoke a cigarette. After 15 minutes I’ll be back. And … I hope you understand – exit here only with my permission!
Eliza waved a towel and began to prepare. He felt he had to give color to its natural beauty. The mirror reflected charms, which usually did men or crazy or puppets.
Handsome, tall man in a suit that was obviously a ruler, returned just after the stated 15 minutes. The girl was naked and hypnotized.
– Come in the other room! The bed is big and in fairy tales. Elise obediently followed this strange man.
Customization made her sit on the bed. Ù legs apart about 30 cm from each other and said,
– Watch me while undress!
The student saw the first man waved his tie, then his jacket and pants. Followed socks and underwear. Leave only the shirt on himself.

He walked to the naked girl and stuffed his cock in his mouth.
Elise knew what it wanted and got. Once the kidnapper was glad he gently placed in the supine position and hack into the womb ù. It was pretty mature man. She tried not sounds, but gradually ù groans filled the room. Received some orgasm with amazing depth and power. She had heard of such things only from stories of friends, but many did not believe them. He felt hot and dripping wet between the legs. Ù eyelids fell and she flew like a dream in color …
Suddenly startled by the voice of a man subdue it:
– Now, my boys will fill three holes … they will not hurt you.
There were well-dressed men and went to work, while Eliza was still damp and warm. Techno orgasms one after another. After the fourth, she lost count. He felt asleep. When he awoke, the chief was back behind his desk, dressed and serious.
– And leaving. My men will take you to the car. Know where, do not worry.
The girl said nothing and began to dress. The stranger took the ladies ù bag and stuffed in her thick wad of banknotes.
– Accept everything as a dream. It is better for all of us – said the handsome.
If you decide to dream again, said here on this phone – and a little piece of paper handed ù.
I will not bother again.

Street. Passersby walked and walked. A limousine appeared as if from nowhere, stopped on the sidewalk. There, where it was not allowed. Elysées down with moist eyes. Limo disappeared.